Confidence for you.

Our quest for the ultimate Verified Black Angus Beef title was born from our desire to create a brand built on the principles of integrity, authenticity and quality – guaranteed!

Underpinned by ISO 9001:2015 certification, the Verified Angus program uses critical control points throughout the supply chain to verify Angus breed claims. That means our cattle and farmers are independently audited, our beef is DNA sampled, and our finished products meet the exacting standards for marbling, age, weight, meat and fat colour.

Now, that’s a mouthful, but a delicious one!

We’re different.

And that’s because we’re the only vertically integrated Verified Black Angus brand on the market. That means we own and manage our entire operation. From the relationships with our Angus farmers, until our delicious beef hits your plate, we’ve been there. Every step of the way.


Delicious. End of story. Ok, that’s not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning.

It all starts with our Black Angus cattle being raised on some of the richest agricultural land in Australia. We’ve worked hard to cultivate the best possible relationships with each and every Angus farmer, so we know exactly where our cattle are from and how they’ve been bred. 100% traceability. We then feed them the most nutritious diet possible. A carefully balanced and nourishing blend of natural grains like wheat, corn and barley.

On the surface it seems simple. Raise the cattle. Feed the cattle. But not all beef is created equal.

It’s the optimal well-being of our cattle that makes the difference. Our exceptional animal welfare practices along with our passionate and highly technical team, ensures every part of the process meets our exacting standards. Standards we’ve developed over 40 years.


You can’t argue with science. And why would you when it tastes this good?

Angus Reserve Black Angus Beef is graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA), the world-leading eating quality grading system. Developed by the Australian red meat industry, the MSA system is based on almost 800,000 consumer taste tests by more than 114,000 consumers from 11 countries. It takes every single factor into account that affects eating quality, all the way from the paddock to the plate.

As an MSA producer, we follow MSA protocols to the letter to ensure we can guarantee you an exceptional eating experience, before you’ve even got our beef close to the grill!

It starts with the best animal welfare, handling and transport practices. Then, trained MSA graders measure a series of complex factors such as ossification, marbling, and pH to predict the eating quality potential.

Now that’s taking the guesswork out of it, and delivering you exceptional beef, with confidence – every time!

The result?

Mouth-wateringly good, finely marbled Black Angus beef that is unrivalled for taste, guaranteed for tenderness and packed full of flavour. BAM!

“Nothing comes close to the quality or consistency of Angus Reserve”
- FAST ED (TV Presenter/ Chef)